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What kinds of water injection methods are there in oil fields

Water injection wells are used to inject water into oil layers so as to supplement and maintain the pressure of oil layers, which is called water injection.  After the oil field is put into development, with the growth of the production time, the energy of the oil layer itself will be continuously consumed, causing the pressure of the oil layer to continuously drop, a large amount of underground crude oil will be degassed, the viscosity will increase, the output of the oil well will be greatly reduced, and even the injection will be stopped, resulting in a large amount of dead oil remaining underground that cannot be produced.  In order to make up for the underground deficit caused by crude oil extraction, maintain or increase the reservoir pressure, realize the high and stable production of the oil field, and obtain higher recovery ratio, the oil field must be filled with water.

Oil field water injection method

The water injection method is the injection and production system. it refers to the position of the water injection well in the reservoir and the arrangement relationship between the water injection well and the production well. the following water injection methods can be selected according to the characteristics of the oil field: ① marginal water injection, which is divided into three types: marginal water injection, marginal water injection and marginal water injection;  ② cutting and injecting water;  ③ area water injection can be divided into five-point method, seven-point method, slanting seven-point method, four-point method and nine-point method.

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