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The solution of high voltage inverter in oilfield water injection pump

In our country, the water injection pump used for water injection station includes two types: centrifugal water injection pump and reciprocating plunger pump. Centrifugal pump outlet pressure is low, the efficiency of the pump is low, generally less than 80%, but the flow rate is large, suitable for large flow water injection station. Reciprocating piston pump has high outlet pressure and high efficiency, generally more than 80%, but the flow rate is small. It is suitable for small water injection pump stations. Generally speaking, in order to reduce the energy consumption of the system, the following two routes are always followed, one is to optimize the operation of the system, and the two is to adjust the structure of the water injection network system. Water injection capacity of an oilfield water injection pipe network system has certain limits, no matter how to make full use of it. When the oil field enters the period of high water cut development, with the increase of water content, in order to keep the steady production of water in the oilfield to increase rapidly, the number of newly added water injection wells is increasing and the water injection range and water injection are expanding continuously. This puts forward a new method for the structure and rational distribution of the water injection system and the water injection capacity of the water injection station. Requirement。

Frequency converter: Variable-frequency Drive (VFD) is the application of frequency conversion technology and microelectronic technology to control the power control equipment of AC motor by changing the frequency mode of motor power supply. The converter is mainly composed of rectifier (AC variable DC), filter, inverter (DC AC), brake unit, drive unit, detection unit micro processing unit and so on.

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