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The factors affecting the energy consumption of water injection pump and the solution

1 influencing factors

1.1 relationship between pressure and single consumption

1.1.1 without pressure load single pump unit consumption from the statistical results can be seen, with no pressure load, with the increase of pump pressure, the single consumption value is with the rise, the higher the pump pressure, the increase in the consumption of single consumption. In the normal operation of the DF300 pump, the minimum pump pressure is 15.4MPa.

The single pump consumption of the single pump when 1.1.2 is loaded. From the statistical results, it can be seen that the single pump unit consumption increases with the pump pressure in the state of pressure load, that is, as the pressure load deepens, the single consumption value rises faster and is greater than the rising speed when the load is not pressed. Among them, the DF300 pump generally has a maximum pump pressure of not more than 16.0MPa.

The main reason that the pump pressure of 1.1.3 affects the single consumption of water injection. From the above statistics, we can see that the unit consumption is divided by water consumption. But the pump pressure control can directly affect the water injection and power consumption of the water injection pump, so it also affects the single consumption of water injection, so we can start with the analysis of the change of pump pressure, and find ways and ways to reduce the consumption of water injection. The main reason for the increase of pump pressure is that the water supply of the pump is slightly higher than the amount of sewage required by the system, the dry pressure is high, and the pump pressure increases with the pump pressure, but usually the pump pressure will not rise too much. The main reasons for pressure load pump pressure rise are: A. sewage tank water level is low, water injection pump pressure load operation; B. pipeline construction, reduce the main line pressure, low load; C. water injection pump discharge capacity is greater than the demand. From the above analysis, we can see that it is an effective way to reduce the consumption of water injection by improving the pump pressure control and improving the quality and timeliness of equipment maintenance. Therefore, in practice, a series of measures have been adopted according to the characteristics of the production and operation of the water injection pumping station.

The relationship between the maintenance of 1.2 water injection pumps and the single consumption

For the equipment, excellent maintenance is also the key factor affecting the performance of the equipment, so it is necessary to count the single consumption under the same pressure condition before and after the maintenance of the equipment. When the equipment is two, the unit consumption of the different pressure sections is asked. The unit consumption of the equipment is slightly higher than that before the maintenance. It shows that the high quality maintenance is beneficial to control the water injection consumption.

The relationship between 1.3 inhalation pressure and single consumption

The pressure of the suction inlet of water injection pump is usually not changed, but when the suction inlet of the pump is blocked, the pressure is too low, the pump is insufficiently inhaled, the sound of the pump body is abnormal, the vibration of the pump is large, and the pump cavitation is caused. Taking the DF300 pump as an example, the change of the unit consumption of the injection pump during the change of suction pressure is analyzed statistically. In August 2006, the high level water injection station was stopped by the pipe line of the sewage system, the level of the 1000 vertical sewage tank was too low, the suction pressure decreased, the operation performance and technical parameters of the equipment were reduced. Through the data comparison at that time, it can be seen that the single consumption value increased greatly with the decrease of the suction pressure, indicating the suction pressure. The reduction has a direct impact on the consumption of water injection.

The relationship between the pressure difference of 1.4 water injection pump pipes and the single consumption

Because the daily water injection of the high Taizi oilfield is fixed in normal operation, it is necessary to ensure the pressure of the water injection pipe network to be stable. When the pump pressure is too high, the pressure of the pipe will rise. This is the need to close the pump outlet valve to keep the pressure stable, which will result in the waste of energy. It is clear that the greater the pressure of the pump, the higher the single consumption is.

2 measures to reduce the consumption of water injection

For pumping stations, to reduce the consumption of water injection, we must ensure the smooth operation of the injection pump and at the same time start the injection pump with low consumption. The water injection unit consumption of the pumping station is certainly low, but in many cases, the demand for water injection and pressure of the pipe network is not fixed, and the fixed injection rate of fixed injection pump is fixed, so there may be a certain limitation. Therefore, the efficiency of the original high efficiency pump may be reduced by the change of water injection. In order to solve this problem, we have taken the following measures:

2.1 control large tank level, smooth suction pressure according to the requirements of actual conditions we require operation day and day to control the 1000 vertical water tank in 5.5m to 7m to make the injection pump inlet pressure steady 2.2 to improve the maintenance quality of equipment in the required maintenance, strictly according to the operation standard to carry out equipment maintenance and find equipment transportation Turning problems, for example, shaking up the magnitude, increasing temperature and abnormal voice, report promptly and solve them in time.

2.3 lubricating oil is added with wear-resistant agent to improve lubrication effect and service life of lubricating oil.

2.4 to monitor the operating parameters of the operating unit, to master the running state of the water injection and pump unit in time, and to provide the infrared thermometer and vibration tester for the pumping station. It requires 2 tests on the bearing temperature of the operating unit, the vibration of the axle bush and the vibration of the base, and find out the abnormal timely treatment.

2.5 using the new pump control pump frequency control system in 2008 in order to optimize the water injection system, reduce water injection unit consumption we put into production a set of pre pump controlled pump variable frequency control water injection system. The pre pump low voltage variable frequency speed regulation technology is based on the series of double pumps. Through the frequency conversion control of the front pump, the working point of the pump is always the highest pump efficiency, thus the system has the highest efficiency and the energy saving goal, and the system operation parameters can be adjusted intelligently. The water injection pump and the pressurized pump are connected in string, and the small power pump is adjusted by the small frequency conversion speed regulation system to realize the regulation and control of the high power pump. It is essentially the function of signal amplification, and the system pressure is realized and the flow can be adjusted. The system consists of a water injection pump and a booster pump.

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